COAF Micro Fly Rod

  • More Micro Fishing… Micro Fly Rod This Round! #microfishing #microflyrod

    By / September 2, 2017 / Celebration Park

    Broke out the telescoping Micro Fly Rod this round. It’s the second version we made several years ago, and the one we keep in our backpack at the ready in case we see “fishy” waters while out and about during the work week! This round it was little Sunfish and Bluegill at Celebration Park’s North… [read more]

  • Fun On the Micro Fishing Fly

    Quick trip to Bethany Lakes this evening. Went with the Micro Fly Rod and fished a Size 22 Tenkara Fly by the Waterfall. Caught little Bluegill, Sunfish, and Bass. Lots of wind to deal with but was able to make adjustments and get decent casts with the little fly rod. Fun stuff… posted a video… [read more]

  • – Pen Fishing Rod and Micro Fly Reel

    By / February 17, 2015 / Micro Fishing, Micro Fly Rod

    Question from one of our Readers asking where we purchased our Pen Fishing Rod and Micro Fly Reel. We purchased them from – an online store that offers backpacking gear emphasizing lightweight equipment and portability. (Note: goFastandLight is no longer in business. Do try Amazon… Pen Rod and Reel) Here are the specific links… [read more]

  • Tough Round at Frisco Saturday

    Late start Saturday for Nuclaroche and I. We planned to fish Frisco Commons for Rainbow Trout that morning but I was sidetracked by work and then some early “Spring” cleaning of the office. By the time all was done, it was late afternoon. Around 4PM, we made it to Frisco and fished till after sunset. Nuclaroche… [read more]

  • COAF Micro Fly Rod

    By / February 4, 2015 / Article, Micro Fishing

    Here is a HubPages article – “COAF Micro Fly Rod” that details modifications that I made to a Pen Fishing Rod. The end result is a Micro Fly Rod that may be of interest to fishermen who would like to take up Micro Fishing! Do give it a try when you get a chance! Moreover, judging… [read more]

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