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  • Tying the Foam Grasshopper – Beavertail Variant #flyfishing #flytying #bassfishing

    By / April 4, 2020 / Fishing

    Liking the Foam Grasshopper tied on a size 8 or 10 streamer hook. Mixing things up and tied the pattern on a size 4 hook and used a Beavertail foam cutter to make the body. So far, has worked on Bass and Bluegill at our local pond! Do try tying this simple but effective pattern… [read more]

  • Summary of Fly Tying Items Picked Up Recently… #flytying

    By / February 24, 2018 / Fishing

    Been raining for some time now but the afternoon looked promising. Rain stopped and sun came out; hope to get a round of trout fishing in tomorrow. For today, tied a few more sample Olive Near Deere and then recapped fly tying items picked up recently – specifically, Metz Saddle Hackle that made for some… [read more]

  • Hopper/Stone-fly Foam Cutter #flytying

    By / February 20, 2018 / Fishing

    Rainy day, so what better way to spend a moment checking out the latest Feather Craft Catalog. Got reeled in and bought a foam ant tying kit that makes 24 foam ants like the Betts version. And then, bought the Hopper/Stone-fly Foam Cutter in size 10. Going to use them to make the Foam Grasshopper… [read more]

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