Foam Damsel Fly

  • Summary of Fly Tying Items Picked Up Recently… #flytying

    By / February 24, 2018 / Fishing

    Been raining for some time now but the afternoon looked promising. Rain stopped and sun came out; hope to get a round of trout fishing in tomorrow. For today, tied a few more sample Olive Near Deere and then recapped fly tying items picked up recently – specifically, Metz Saddle Hackle that made for some… [read more]

  • Liking the Foam Cutters…. #flytying #foamdamselfly #foamgrasshopper

    By / February 23, 2018 / Fishing

    Picked up a Stonefly/Hopper foam cutter from River Road Creations via Feather Craft. Used their Damsel Fly Cutter and Beavertail Cutter and liked them. Plan was to reverse the Stonefly/Hopper pattern to tie a Foam Grasshopper. Liked the results, much more consistent pattern then cutting them using scissors and a template. Did a review of… [read more]

  • One Fly Quick Trip… Foam Damsel Fly! #flytying

    By / August 21, 2017 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Back out again with a one fly quick trip. This time downsized to a size 12 in a Foam Damsel Fly. Still getting short strikes on Bluegill but did get consistent hook ups with fingerling Bass. Did have a larger Bass take but it threw the hook soon after taking the fly. Another simple and… [read more]

  • Bass and Bluegill This Round

    By / April 19, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Bluegill

    Tested out a new fly pattern – no name for it yet. Caught a Bass and lost a Bass, then switched to damsel flies and caught Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish. Will tweak the new fly pattern more, and “test” it out again. Was good to see lots of fish near shore in their beds. Looked like… [read more]

  • Semi-Old School Today

    By / March 31, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Went “semi-old school today” and fished with an old Olympic Fiberglass Fly Rod and a newer Echo Ion Fly Reel. Rod was purchased from Oshman’s in Corpus Christi back in 1978. Echo Ion Fly Reel was picked up from Cabela’s in Allen in 2015. Started out fishing the Bent Back Clouser Variant that we used… [read more]

  • Wine Cork Micro Flyrod Gets Three Bass…!

    By / March 24, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Took the Wine Cork Micro Flyrod for a quick trip to Bethany this round. Only had 15″ to fish; caught three Bass that went for a Foam Damsel Fly! Cooler temps compared to the other day but seemed like the Bass (and Bluegill) remain lurking in the shallows. Fun stuff!  

  • Slow Bite, Still Fun!

    Weekend was wet and a little crazy due to the rainy weather. Today, was able to finish work early enough to go fishing! Fished Bethany Lakes,… slow bite but did hook a few fish – two Bass, a little Catfish, and a Sunfish! Also, did get a video clip of the action when a couple caught… [read more]

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