• More Kayak Fishing at Texoma… Plus Video #kayakfishing #texoma

    By / July 31, 2017 / Fishing

    Finished the video of today’s kayak fishing action on Texoma sooner than later. Had a fun time even though we did not hook many. Cannot wait to give it another try again. Next time, will bring more Slabs and definitely the depth finder! Also, video has some snippets of a school of helicopters?, Denison Dam… [read more]

  • Windy Day But at Least Got a Work Out! #clearlakepark #lakelavon #kayakfishing

    By / July 7, 2017 / Lake Lavon

    Posted the short snippet of a Gaspergou looking at our lure as we trolled while kayak fishing at Clear Lake Park on Lake Lavon. Fishing buddy caught a Catfish that went for a Slab with a Berkley Fish Gulp in shrimp flavor as a teaser. He also snagged a Gaspergou that was on a line… [read more]

  • More Jug Lining at Bratonia

    By / July 2, 2016 / Catfish, Lake Lavon

    Made it back to Bratonia for more jug lining. Caught six Catfish, largest went ~8 lbs! Also, caught a little Gar on a jug line, and a Gaspergou with the cast net. Windy day with most of the morning spent trying to get Shad with the cast net. Did get a couple of Catfish later… [read more]

  • Medicine Park in Oklahoma This Round

    By / November 16, 2015 / Rainbow Trout

    Out and about this weekend helping Nuclaroche relocate to Oklahoma. Not sure if we could go fishing but just in case, brought a Five and an Eight Weight Fly Rod. Sunday morning was able to breakaway and fish Medicine Park located about 1-1/2 hours from Oklahoma City. Cool place near Fort Sill that has a… [read more]

  • Tickey Creek Sunday Morning

    Fished Tickey Creek Sunday morning. Water was calm with minimal wind. Action was slow compared to yesterday but steady with two Catfish, one Crappie, several White Bass, a Yellow Bass, and little Bass caught and released. We were going to keep the legal sized fish but a certain someone did not secure the stringer properly… [read more]

  • Lake Lavon This Morning

    By / June 13, 2015 / Fishing

    Planned to fish Denison Dam this morning but with rain in the forecast, decided to fish Lake Lavon this morning. Action was slow but steady with several Catfish caught on Nightcrawlers and more caught using Beef Liver. For some reason, the local grocery stores were out of fresh (never frozen) Chicken Livers. Also, did see… [read more]

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