Kayak Fishing

  • Portable Fish Finder Mount… #kayakfishing

    By / April 12, 2017 / Fishing

    Question from a Reader on how we used a dry box to mount or fish finder – Lowrance Hook 3X DSI, that we picked up from Cabelas last year. Here is a quick snippet that details our Portable Fish Finder Mount! Works well in our kayak, readily transferred to another kayak we use, and to… [read more]

  • More Kayak Fishing… Went With Jug Lines This Round. #kayakfishing

    Another windy day but this time stayed on the leeward side of Tickey Creek Park (Lavon) and did some jug lining from the kayak. Got some video to edit; will post later. For now… here are pictures from today!   Another #coffee and cookies to go. This time #juglining with the #kayak and nightcrawlers for… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #36 – Today Was Windy… Kayak Fishing! #kayakfishing

    By / April 8, 2017 / Fishing, Lake Lavon

    Windy day but managed to catch three fish this round – a White Bass, a Carp, and a Crappie. Fun stuff, plus got a great workout in! Started out at Clear Lake Park on Lake Lavon, then tried Avalon but it was closed. Stopped by the Lavonia South Ramp but decided to go on to… [read more]

  • Sunday at Clear Lake Park

    By / August 1, 2016 / Fishing

    Had lots of fun fishing Saturday putting in the kayak at Avalon Park (Lake Lavon). Decided to give it another go but this time putting in at Clear Lake Park (Lake Lavon). Brought two kayaks and a fishing buddy. I started out focusing on Crappie, and began locating submerged trees and brush with the fish… [read more]

  • Fun Time Catching Yellow Bass!

    Had a fun time catching Yellow Bass today! Was able to get the video edited  and posted. Included some pointers on the rig used, and how we were fishing it.  

  • Follow Up Video from Yesterday’s Round at Texoma

    By / July 24, 2016 / Fishing

    Fished Texoma yesterday; put in at Highport Marina. Struck out but did get some video of the fish that were lurking in the area. Murky conditions made it tough to see but you do get a glimpse of fish. Good to know that there were fish looking at our lures!  

  • Clear Lake Park Again!

    By / July 22, 2016 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Video of yesterday’s action. Not sure the plan for tomorrow (Saturday). May try Texoma. Hope to have clearer water to get better underwater video action!  

  • Caught Two Kayak Fishing…

    Caught a little Crappie and a White Bass while kayak fishing today. Working on the video but did note one fish that looked at our lure but opted not to strike. Here is a series of pictures taken as it passed by… cannot tell what it is. Maybe a Gaspergou? Caught two fish #kayakfishing today…. [read more]

  • Clear Lake Park Sunday Morning!

    By / July 19, 2016 / Lake Lavon

    Had a fun time kayak fishing Clear Lake Park (Lake Lavon) Sunday morning. Only one White Bass but did get some underwater action shots with the Water Wolf Camera. Was good to see what was happening underwater. Did notice the Slab and Jig Rig attracted more fish than a Slab alone. Also, noticed the Slab… [read more]

  • Brockdale Saturday!

    By / July 18, 2016 / Lake Lavon

    Made it to Brockdale (Lake Lavon) Saturday. Put in the kayak and rigged up with a Crappie Jig and Slab Rig. Lots of wind and waves making the water visibility tough for the Water Wolf Camera. Luckily, did get a glimpse of a little gar! Will have to try again once the water clears up!… [read more]

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