Lake Lavon Fishing

  • Windy Day at Clear Lake Park… #lakelavon #kayakfishing

    By / July 3, 2017 / Fishing

    Windy day at Clear Lake Sunday; had struck out Saturday fishing Lavonia South and Little Ridge. Storms and lightning sidelined us for a little bit. But, still struck out. Sunday with the weather clearing fished the afternoon at Clear Lake Park. Windy conditions as well as a couple of jet skiers who came too close,… [read more]

  • Tickey Creek Sunday Morning

    Fished Tickey Creek Sunday morning. Water was calm with minimal wind. Action was slow compared to yesterday but steady with two Catfish, one Crappie, several White Bass, a Yellow Bass, and little Bass caught and released. We were going to keep the legal sized fish but a certain someone did not secure the stringer properly… [read more]

  • Lavonia for Some Kayak Fishing This Morning

    Fished Lavonia Saturday morning with Sierra – former Camera Person and now College Coed who is home from the Summer Semester. Took the kayaks out and worked Crappie Jig and Slab Rigs at several points nearby. Undersized White Bass were the case save for one that Sierra hooked into while sight casting to a passing… [read more]

  • Brockdale to Start the Weekend!

    By / August 15, 2015 / Catfish, Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Only one Keeper but it’s a good start for the weekend. Caught it using a Crappie Jig and Slab Rig. Lost the Sabiki Rig for White Bass Rig to a snag. No worries… made do with what we had and was able to get a number of undersized fish to strike. Even had one Catfish… [read more]

  • Another Round at Little Ridge

    By / August 9, 2015 / Fishing

    Decided to give it another try at Little Ridge this morning. More rough conditions but things calmed down later. Bite was slower compared to yesterday but then found them (White Bass) lurking in a cove. Calm water, out of the wind, and lots of feeding fish… multiple hook ups on the Sabiki Rig for White… [read more]

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