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  • More Kayak Fishing at Texoma… Plus Video #kayakfishing #texoma

    By / July 31, 2017 / Fishing

    Finished the video of today’s kayak fishing action on Texoma sooner than later. Had a fun time even though we did not hook many. Cannot wait to give it another try again. Next time, will bring more Slabs and definitely the depth finder! Also, video has some snippets of a school of helicopters?, Denison Dam… [read more]

  • More Kayak Fishing at Texoma… #kayakfishing

    By / July 30, 2017 / Kayak Fishing

    Cooler temps this morning but did make the run to Texoma and put in a Spillway Ramp. Had one school pass and was able to catch one Striper. Later, worked a school of shad and was able to catch a Gaspergou. All was quiet, trolling, jigging, and sight casting but no more schools breaking the… [read more]

  • Another Round of Kayak Fishing at Texoma! #kayakfishing #texoma

    By / July 28, 2017 / Striped Bass

    Murphy’s Law struck hard today with one Striped Bass caught, then soon after our line broke. While re-rigging had schools breaking the surface as they passed near the kayak! Also, had issues with our second camera, so had to work with only one POV for most of the trip. Still had a fun time with… [read more]

  • Vlog #7 and Live Stream Q&A

    By / September 12, 2016 / Striped Bass

    We hosted another Live Stream Q&A Session on YouTube this evening. Below is the archived episode. Lesson learned from last Q&A is the down time or lag while waiting for questions leads to long pauses in the session. Thos round, we used yesterday’s trip to Denison Dam to keep things more lively. We did have… [read more]

  • Follow Up Video from Yesterday’s Round at Texoma

    By / July 24, 2016 / Fishing

    Fished Texoma yesterday; put in at Highport Marina. Struck out but did get some video of the fish that were lurking in the area. Murky conditions made it tough to see but you do get a glimpse of fish. Good to know that there were fish looking at our lures!   Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

  • Struck Out at Texoma…

    By / July 23, 2016 / Fishing

    Went kayak fishing at Lake Texoma today. Put in at Highport Marina and fished a rocky shoreline in hopes of Smallmouth Bass. Had caught them there before but it looks like things have changed. Luckily, was able to see what was lurking in the area… looks like Gar and Buffalo! Still editing the video but… [read more]

  • Denison Dam for Fly Fishing Fun!

    By / November 1, 2015 / Bass, Striped Bass

    Planned to fish the Blue River for Rainbow Trout today but heard the recent rains muddied the river. Was still wavering yesterday on where to fish, so just in case decided to tie some Clouser Minnows to go along with the Near Deere, GRHENs, and Rainbow Warriors. Good thing we had the Clouser Minnows! Ended… [read more]

  • Denison Dam This Round

    By / May 31, 2015 / Striped Bass

    Been itching to go to Denison Dam with all the water being released and reports of Striped Bass being caught! Made it Saturday afternoon and saw lots of water and some fish being caught. After taking some video of the area, pulled out the surf casting rods and began fishing. Fished for several hours with… [read more]

  • Denison Dam Tailrace…!

    By / May 25, 2015 / Fishing

    Water went over the Spillway at Lake Texoma this weekend! Denison Dam Tailrace should be looking good for Striped Bass this year; hope the action gets as hot as it did back in 2007! Follow COAF Field Team’s board Lake Texoma Fishing on Pinterest. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

  • FYI… Liking Lake Texoma Post on TFF!

    By / May 6, 2015 / Fishing

    Been burning the midnight oil working instead of fishing. Been a tough go being able to get out this week. Weekend is up in the air as well. That said, did see Texas Fishing Forum’s Wilson Biddy post a report on the Lake Texoma’ Striped Bass action. From the looks of it, the bite is… [read more]

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