Lower Mountain Fork

  • Lower Mountain Fork River: 2014 – 2017 #lowermountainfork #beaversbend

    By / January 26, 2018 / Fishing

    Here is a collection of fishing videos starting with our first fishing trip to the Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma in 2014 and ending with our last one on August of 2017. Mainly fished the Beavers Bend State Park – specifically, the Evening Hole, Cold Hole, and Spillway Creek. Of note were the changes… [read more]

  • Videos of Interest… #coaffieldteam

    By / January 17, 2018 / Fishing

    Chilly evening and work has us sidetracked from fishing. Was hoping to finish the underwater video edits from this past Sunday, but was not able to… luckily, we can always relive past fishing trips through videos like the ones below!   Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #42 – Beavers Bend State Park Fishing! #flyfishing #lowermountainfork

    By / August 8, 2017 / Fishing

    Had the trout fishing bug strike this past Saturday. So, in short order, made the run across the border to Oklahoma for some fly fishing for Rainbow Trout. Was warm and lots of folks out and about. Still a great time… caught two trout for dinner, let go a small trout, and missed several others… [read more]

  • Fly Fishing Presentations for Trout Fishing…

    Had a request from a Reader asking us about the fly fishing presentations we use. We looked at past videos of trout fishing trips to the Blue River, Lower Mountain Fork, Turner Falls, and Possum Kingdom and collated short clips into the video posted below. The video shows examples of what has worked for us… [read more]

  • Lower Mountain Fork Video…

    By / September 20, 2015 / Lower Mountain Fork

    Still working the Salt Mines, so no fishing. Luckily came across this one from Texas Fishing Forum’s TarponFly… aka TexasOklahomaFishingGuide. Great video of the action at Lower Mountain Fork this weekend! TarponFlyis also the fisherman where we learned about Near Deere Fishing Flies! Great fishing fly for Trout! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

  • Saturday’s Fishing Action at Beavers Bend

    Here is the follow-up video from Saturday’s fishing trip to Beaver Bend State Park in Oklahoma. Was able to get an underwater shot of one fish lurking in the pool where we caught the 18″ Rainbow Trout Learned the camera works much better when it’s turned on Was able to get action shots of one… [read more]

  • A Few Changes at Beavers Bend State Park

    By / August 23, 2015 / Lower Mountain Fork

    Fished Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma Saturday; did a little looking around and captured video of some of the changes that have occurred due to the flood damage earlier this year. Evening Hole, Cold Hole, and Spillway Creek are much different than when we were here last year. Also, Lost Creek is definitely lost… [read more]

  • iFishRadio on BlogTalkRadio – January 2, 2015

    Received the latest broadcast from Fshng84; today’s broadcast provides fishing reports from the following areas: Turner Falls Park Blue River Lower Mountain Fork at Beavers Bend State Park Huaco Springs Campground Lazy L & L Rio Raft Check it out at iFishRadio or in the embedded player below! Slight hiccup at the beginning with the audio, else… [read more]

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