McKinney Towne Lake

  • Fishing Updates from the Team!

    By / February 29, 2020 / Fishing

    Been out of pocket fishing but am able to post a quick update on Team happenings as well as last Sunday’s fishing at Towne Lake in McKinney where we limited out on trout using the Rubber Legged Near Deere!

  • Trout Fishing Towne Lake Sunday, Then City Complex Pond Monday!

    By / February 25, 2019 / Fishing

    Too nice a day to not go fishing this past Sunday. Decided to do some trout fishing at McKinney’s Towne Lake. Hoped to catch then release a limit of trout before heading on to run some errands. In doing so, was hoping to have Charlie the Maltese Puppy meet his first Rainbow Trout. Trip was… [read more]

  • Another Quick Trip… Trout Fishing Towne Lake in McKinney

    By / February 24, 2019 / Fishing

    Really nice day! Still have video to edit but did limit out at Towne Lake in McKinney; caught but released five Rainbow Trout that went for an Olive Near Deere using the same setup as we used yesterday at Murphy – Corqs Strike Indicator and a Near Deere set 3 feet below it. Dead drift… [read more]

  • Quick Update – March 18, 2018 #coaffieldteam

    By / March 18, 2018 / Fishing

    Made it to McKinney this morning and fished for a couple of hours. Caught two, lost two, then had leave them biting. Power Bait, Power Worms, and corn were working. Olive Near Deere under a strike indicator worked, too. Did try a new recipe for the trout caught Friday… broiled it this time. Tasty dish,… [read more]

  • Towne Lake Sunday Morning for Trout! #flyfishing #switchrod

    By / February 23, 2017 / Towne Lake

    Been out of pocket this week; last round of fishing was the day after the Satruday’s Trout Derby in Mckinney. Fished Towne Lake with Cabelas TLR Switch Rod and Guadalupanas! Limited out with five as well as did some catch and release fishing, too! Was hoping to make it back out there this week, but… [read more]

  • Saturday at Towne Lake for Trout! #flyfishing

    By / February 19, 2017 / Fishing, Towne Lake

    Checked out the Trout Derby at Towne Lake in Mckinney Saturday! Lots of fun …trophies were presented, prizes were won, and trout were caught. 6,000 trout were released in the sectioned off area, so the chance at catching a trout were high after the derby. Managed to get a limit plus some catch and release… [read more]

  • Good News, Bad News…. #flyfishing

    By / February 18, 2017 / Towne Lake

    Good news at Towne Lake in Mckinney. Limited out on trout! Lots of folks at the derby; have video to edit but that can wait. Bad news… ran out of Guadalupanas – was the fishing fly they were hitting on for us. Slow retrieve and light strikes but did see others doing well on other lures… [read more]

  • Towne Lake Trout Derby in Mckinney Saturday. #troutderbies

    By / February 16, 2017 / Towne Lake

    The city of Mckinney is hosting a trout derby this Saturday. Looks like 5,000 trout to be stocked at Towne Lake. For details, check it out at! Can get crowded but is still lots of fun. Below is a playlist of videos from the past few years. Also, one year they had trophies for adult participants… [read more]

  • Out and About Saturday

    By / February 28, 2016 / Fishing

    Fished McKinney’s Towne Lake Saturday morning, and then fished Prosper’s Frontier Park Pond afterwards. Took a little work to find the pattern at Towne Lake. But, did find it… Olive Near Deere was the “go to ” fishing fly again. But, the key was the retrieve – let the fishing fly sink counting to ten,… [read more]

  • Towne Lake This Time!

    By / February 22, 2016 / Rainbow Trout, Towne Lake

    Fished Murphy City Complex Pond after their trout derby yesterday. McKinney hosted their trout derby yesterday as well at Towne Lake. For Sunday, opted to fish Towne Lake in the morning. Bite was good with a limit being taken in short order, and then switched to catch and release fishing while trying different fishing flies…. [read more]

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