• Trout Fishing Murphy, then One Rod, No Reel! #flyfishing #flycasting

    By / February 26, 2018 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Great time yesterday fishing city of Murphy’s pond – City Complex Park Pond. Limited out after figuring out the pattern… tandem rigged near deere and griffiths’ gnat! Afterwards, able to try the rod, no reel concept and caught several trout. Broke out the action in a second video… check it out at “One Rod, No… [read more]

  • Propser, Denison, and Murphy Trout Derbies this Saturday!

    By / February 23, 2017 / Fishing

    Been working the day job and have been out of pocket. May be out of pocket Saturday as well. Bummer… three trout derbies are scheduled this Saturday! Frontier Park in Prosper Waterloo Park Pond in Denison Murphy City Complex Pond in Murphy If in the area, do give it a try!

  • Quick Trip This Afternoon….

    By / February 25, 2016 / Fishing, Murphy City Hall Pond

    Hope to go for a quick trip to Murphy this afternoon for Trout. Going to try a new fishing fly tied in tandem with a Patriot Fishing Fly as an indicator. It’s called a “Green Weenie”.  More to come… also, do check our Twitter timeline in the sidebar. Should see tweets on the Green Weenie… [read more]

  • Two Youth Trout Derbies Saturday… February 21, 2015

    Looks like this Saturday should be a fun one for kids participating in Trout Derbies in the Murphy and Denison! For more information, do check out the their websites! Hope the rain does not delay things… cross our fingers! Murphy – Rainbow Round Up Denison – 17th Annual Youth Trout Derby

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