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  • Fishing Allen’s Old Stone Dam #flyfishing #switchrod

    By / June 25, 2020 / Fishing

    TBT to Allen’s Old Stone Dam. Have not fished the dam in some time although we have checked out the area and its improvements recently. Liking the bridge, bank reinforcements, and expanded trails. Been itching to fish it for awhile… able to do so yesterday. After a little tweaking of the pattern and searching spots,… [read more]

  • Do Fish Like Gulp Marinade #underwatervideo #fishing

    By / June 19, 2020 / Fishing

    Been wanting to try Gulp Marinade as a teaser scent to our lures. But, not certain if fish would like it. It has a garlic scent similar to the Berkley Power Bait we like to use when trout fishing. Decided to test the Gulp Marinade by applying it to a fishing fly and observe how… [read more]

  • Duck Creek Linear Park Fishing #microflyfishing #microflyrod

    By / June 19, 2020 / Fishing

    Short video of a quick trip to Duck Creek Linear Park while on the daily commute. Brought the two piece micro fly rod and the Foam Spider and Scud Tandem Rig to work the section nearest the bridge. Key take aways this round: There are Bass, nice Bass in the area but water is clear… [read more]

  • Pond Fishing with the Micro Fly Rod #microflyfishing #flyfishing

    By / June 15, 2020 / Fishing

    Sidetracked this past Sunday from fishing. Go figure – needed to fix a lawn sprinkler that broke, then had to fix two more that were leaking. Before starting this honey do, made a quick run to Lavon for a chance at White Bass on the point at Brockdale Park. Maybe should have fixed the sprinklers… [read more]

  • Another Round of Pond Fly Fishing at Bethany Lakes

    By / June 9, 2020 / Fishing

    Another Round of Pond Fly Fishing at Bethany Lakes. Tried for more Bass and Bluegill with the Foam Spider and Scud on Monday. Caught several Bluegill and a little Fingerling Bass…. Minnow sized! PS: Made it to Denison Dam for a chance at Stripers today. Posted a live update while there. Do check back… still… [read more]

  • Fly Fishing Stoney Hollow Park #cabelas #cgr #fiberglass #flyrod

    By / June 8, 2020 / Fishing

    Fun times fishing on a TGIF! Fished Stoney Hollow Park working the Foam Spider and Scud for Bluegill! Was a hot day but able to catch a Bluegill or two. Did work the whole pond’s bank; no Bass but did see a couple lurking in the shallows!

  • Fly Fishing Duck Creek Linear Park #cabelascgr #fiberglassflyrod

    By / June 4, 2020 / Fishing

    Wednesday Hump Day has us back at Duck Creek Linear Park in Richardson, TX. This round has a couple of Sunfish that take the Foam Spider and Scud Tandem Rig. No Bass but did see several nice ones lurking about. Fun stuff… plus did a “drive by” video shot of the park to show the… [read more]

  • Pond Fly Fishing – Tough Round #maxcatch

    By / May 31, 2020 / Fishing

    Another round of pond fishing at the local pond. Had a Bass take a Foam Grasshopper, then spent most of the time working Bluegill on their nest. Had a few missed strikes while trying a number of fishing flies. Did have several little Bass show interest as well as little Sunfish readily taking a Foam… [read more]

  • Pond Fly Fishing for Bass and Bluegill #maxcatch #tenkara

    By / May 30, 2020 / Fishing

    Fished Bethany Lakes Friday morning with then MaxCatch Discount Switch Rod and the Foam Grasshopper. Caught a Bass and lost a Bass. Returned in the evening and caught Bluegill and a Bass using a Damsel Fly as well as a Foam Grasshopper! Opted for the Tenkara Rod for the evening fishing round. Fun Stuff!

  • More Quick Trips Fly Fishing for Sunfish #duckcreek

    By / May 22, 2020 / Fishing

    Lotta fun catching these Sunfish on the MaxCatch Fly Rod and Orvis Hydros Reel. 2wt makes for a fun fight of these feisty fish! Tried the size 8 Foam Grasshopper and caught several. Upsized to the size 4 and had some strike but only managed one on the larger pattern. Great way to start a… [read more]

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