• Gone Fishin’… “slack line” technique #waterlooparkpond #denison

    By / December 25, 2017 / Fishing, Waterloo Park Pond

    Cold and windy Sunday – Christmas Eve… what did we do? Went fishing for trout at Waterloo Park Pond in Denison. Tried catching them with our fly rods but no go, trout were not taking fishing flies or lures. They did not want corn or salmon eggs. The key today was Power Bait – Rainbow… [read more]

  • Two Limits at Prosper

    Started the day fishing for Bass using Bait Casting Gear and Senkos in the morning. Switched to fishing for Trout using Fly Fishing Gear and Ultralight Spinning Gear. Only had one Trout go for a Near Deere Fishing Fly. Watched NucLaroche take a limit using PowerBait and the Ultralight, so followed his lead and switched… [read more]

  • Field Team Limited Out!

    Headed to Towne Lake  in Mckinney after doing some garden work. The weather was really nice, so better to spend it fishing! Planned to fish when the Trout Derby was over, but Towne Lake was still too crowded to fly fish when we arrived. Also, they did not stock the little pond to the left… [read more]

  • Back to Murphy City Hall Pond This Round

    By / February 22, 2015 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Made it back to Murphy City Hall Pond before the front arrived. Used an Olive/Brown Near Deere, PowerBait, and a Super Duper to limit out! Nuclaroche hooked up with three on PowerBait, one on a Black Super Duper, and one on an Olive/Brown Near Deere. Fshng84 took a limit on the fly with an Olive/Brown Near… [read more]

  • Tough Round at Frisco Saturday

    Late start Saturday for Nuclaroche and I. We planned to fish Frisco Commons for Rainbow Trout that morning but I was sidetracked by work and then some early “Spring” cleaning of the office. By the time all was done, it was late afternoon. Around 4PM, we made it to Frisco and fished till after sunset. Nuclaroche… [read more]

  • Two On a Fly, Then Three on PowerBait This Round…

    By / February 8, 2015 / Frisco Commons

    Fished Frisco Commons Pond today. Limited out but had a tough time catching them on fishing flies. Used the same rig as yesterday – Tandem Rig Near Deere and GRHEN. Managed to catch two that went for the GRHEN. Had a few more missed strikes, else no luck getting another one with the Fly Rod. Switched… [read more]

  • Two Limited Out at Waterloo This Round

    We decided to head back to Waterloo today for another go at the Rainbow Trout. When we arrived, we noted others hooking up. In short order, NucLaroche was getting strikes on PowerBait. And, after several missed hook sets, he found his mojo and hooked and landed five trout. Rough night before, NucLaroche opted for a… [read more]

  • Howdy From Fshng84…. Ice On The Water This Round!

    By / January 10, 2015 / Waterloo Park Pond

    Howdy from Fshng84! The Team has opted to use the StockerTroutFishing.com‘s Weblog to post updates from the field. CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com remains available to Readers; do feel free to navigate the website and its archive! Additionally, I plan to assume the role as Weblog Admin. Kudos to our former Weblog Admin! She volunteered to help us start this… [read more]

  • Early Evening Gets More Trout at Bethany Lakes

    By / December 25, 2014 / Bethany Lakes

    Early evening bite at Bethany looked good for some! Despite windy conditions, fishermen were getting bites and some were limiting out. Key notes from the evening were: PowerWorms and PowerBait under a Bobber were getting strikes COAF Griffith’s Gnat was working on rising trout Several fishermen using Corn reported no nibbles… striking out without a… [read more]

  • Bethany Lakes Saturday Morning, then Waterloo in the Afternoon

    By / December 21, 2014 / Bethany Lakes, Waterloo Park Pond

    The Team confirmed NucLaroche graduated!  it’s back to fishing again… Reports from the Team indicated the action Saturday morning was steady for some while slow for others. In the Team’s case, one Rainbow Trout fell for an Olive Wooley Bugger at Bethany Lakes in Allen. Key notes from the morning round were: Slow retrieve and/or… [read more]

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