Rio Switch Chucker

  • Blue River for Switch Rod Casting Practice…! #switchrod #flyfishing

    By / September 10, 2017 / Blue River

    Made it to the Blue River today to check things out. Great day to go… only one little Bass this round but did get lots of casting practice in with the Switch Rod – 6 Weight Cabelas TLR combined with the Liquid Lamson 4 and the Rio Switch Chucker line is balancing well. Getting great… [read more]

  • Bethany for Switch Rod Practice…! #switchrod

    By / September 9, 2017 / Fishing

    Cool temps has us itching for trout fishing. Not able to go, but did get a round of casting practice with the switch rod. Even managed to catch a bass. Went with different casts including the modified switch cast where we tuck the rod butt under in our armpit and don’t lift our shoulder to… [read more]

  • TRWD Flyfest 2017! #TRWDflyfest

    By / March 13, 2017 / Rainbow Trout, River Park

    Had a blast at TRWD Flyfest 2017.  Not able to fish the trout contest but was able to fish and limit out at the open fishing area! Lots of lost and missed fish but did manage to get bit enough times to take five! Fishing was rough for some in the first heat of the… [read more]

  • Towne Lake Sunday Morning for Trout! #flyfishing #switchrod

    By / February 23, 2017 / Towne Lake

    Been out of pocket this week; last round of fishing was the day after the Satruday’s Trout Derby in Mckinney. Fished Towne Lake with Cabelas TLR Switch Rod and Guadalupanas! Limited out with five as well as did some catch and release fishing, too! Was hoping to make it back out there this week, but… [read more]

  • Saturday at Towne Lake for Trout! #flyfishing

    By / February 19, 2017 / Fishing, Towne Lake

    Checked out the Trout Derby at Towne Lake in Mckinney Saturday! Lots of fun …trophies were presented, prizes were won, and trout were caught. 6,000 trout were released in the sectioned off area, so the chance at catching a trout were high after the derby. Managed to get a limit plus some catch and release… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #21 – “Tough Round on the Blue River” #flyfishing

    By / November 6, 2016 / Blue River, Rainbow Trout

    Kicked off the 2016-2017 Trout Stocking Season early last week when we fished the Lower Illinois River. This round, we fished the Blue River; the weekly trout stockings have started… Hooray! Given the nice weather and an opening in the work schedule, made a short notice trip to fish the Blue River on Saturday. Although… [read more]

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