San Juan Worm Ball

  • Fly Tying This Evening… Near Deere and San Juan Worm Balls! #flytying

    By / August 4, 2017 / Fishing

    Rain in the forecast and tied up with work related things. No worries, got a round of fly tying in to start the weekend. Opted for more Olive Dear Deere and San Juan Worm Balls. Hope to try them sooner than later for Rainbow Trout! Till then, TGIF Everyone! #flytying this evening. #neardeere and #sanjuanworm… [read more]

  • TRWD Flyfest 2017! #TRWDflyfest

    By / March 13, 2017 / Rainbow Trout, River Park

    Had a blast at TRWD Flyfest 2017.  Not able to fish the trout contest but was able to fish and limit out at the open fishing area! Lots of lost and missed fish but did manage to get bit enough times to take five! Fishing was rough for some in the first heat of the… [read more]

  • Quick Update. on TRWD Flyfest 2017! #trwdflyfest

    By / March 11, 2017 / Fishing

    Had a great time at TRWD Flyfest. Have some video to edit but here is a quick update! Had a great time watching the Big Trout Contest with a 21″ trout caught and released! Saw several others catch trout but overall it was a tough go for most. For yours truly, was not able to… [read more]

  • Only One On The Micro Fly Rod Using a San Juan Worm Ball

    Slow go this round but did get Catfish using the Micro Fly Rod and fishing a San Juan Worm Ball… also, missed another. Started out trying for little fish but no takers; switched to fishing a San Juan Worm Ball in places that normally hold fish after it rains in our area. Did not get… [read more]

  • Fished Bethany, Water Level is Up, Caught Fish….

    By / May 14, 2015 / Fishing

    Rain and more rain this week but this evening, there was no rain. So, made a break for Bethany Lakes for some fishing. Slow action overall but did get a nice Bass that went about 17″. It went for a San Juan Worm Ball! Kept fishing but did not get another bite until we started… [read more]

  • Slow Bite, Still Fun!

    Weekend was wet and a little crazy due to the rainy weather. Today, was able to finish work early enough to go fishing! Fished Bethany Lakes,… slow bite but did hook a few fish – two Bass, a little Catfish, and a Sunfish! Also, did get a video clip of the action when a couple caught… [read more]

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