• Fishing Updates – Tenkara Iwana Unboxing and More… #coaffieldteam #zoom #vpodcasting #fishing

    By / April 7, 2020 / Fishing

    Been beta testing Zoom to host virtual meetings to update Subscribers on the fly! Calling the updates Vpodcasting since it has video but follows a podcasting format. This round the agenda was: TenkaraUSA Iwana Unboxing Recent Videos Field Team on Zoom Do check out the second of two beta testing of the Team’s Zoom Vpodcasting… [read more]

  • Bass Fishing with Senkos This Round #bethanylakes #bass

    By / March 22, 2020 / Fishing

    Able to fish the local lake Saturday with the break in the rain. Caught four bass that were in their beds. Fun time… do checkout the video, gives an idea how I rig a Senko – new as well as damaged… forgot the Superglue this time. Also, shows some bass takes a little more coaxing… [read more]

  • Senkos This Morning

    By / April 16, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Checked out Bethany Lakes this morning. Brought Bait Casting Gear and Senkos. Was able to get six Bass with the largest going 15″ in size, next largest went 14″, remainder were smaller! Fun stuff… posted pictures of the 15″ and 14″ Bass on the Fishing Bulletin Board. Gotta love them Senkos!

  • Colder But Bass Were Biting!

    By / March 19, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Checked out Bethany Lakes this morning. Temps were much colder compared to yesterday, and the wind was gusting to 25 mph at times. Tried fly fishing for Bass but struck out. Later in the evening, went back with the bait casting rod and Senkos. Was able to get seven, and missed a few more. Used… [read more]

  • Senkos This Evening

    By / March 5, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Thanks to one of our Readers reminding us that Senkos work at Bethany this time of year! Fished Senkos this evening and landed several Bass as well as lost a few. Largest went about 14″ in length… lots of fun! Gotta love them Senkos! Here is one of the #Bass we mentioned on #iFishRadio. #senkos… [read more]

  • Slow Round This Time

    By / March 27, 2015 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Blue River

    Fished the pond behind In-N-Out Burger.  Had lots of little taps on the Senko but no hook ups. Decided to try another place. Stopped at Auburn Springs and found out the pond is now a private pond. So, headed to Bethany Creek and fished it briefly but the “green stuff” was already clobbering the pond…. [read more]

  • Senkos Again

    By / March 15, 2015 / Bass, Senkos

    Headed to the catch and release ponds at Plano East Senior High School. Went with Senkos again and used the new rod from Cabelas. Caught two Bass working the undercut bank. Both went 14″ in size. Then, headed back to the casa but stopped at Bethany Lakes just to “check” things out. Should have gone… [read more]

  • New Rod and Senkos Worked Today!

    By / March 14, 2015 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Senkos

    Rain let up a little later in the afternoon. Decided to go for it and fish Bethany Lakes to “test” the new rod/reel from Cabelas. Looks like it combined with the Senkos was the ticket Caught and released 18 or so Bass. Largest went 14″ in size! Started fishing the Senkos with a stop/go retrieve,… [read more]

  • Always Can Use Another Fishing Rod/Reel…

    By / March 14, 2015 / Bass, Senkos

    Hope to wet a line today or tomorrow. For now, since the Team is preparing to shift to warm water fishing, might as well pick up another fishing rod/reel. This one was on sale at Cabelas and came with a rebate, too. It’s an Abu Garcia combo that we plan to use for fishing Senkos.

  • Went with Gander Mountain Senkos This Round

    By / March 13, 2015 / Bass, Senkos

    Rained all day but as luck wold have it, the rain stopped by the workday’s end. So, made a run to Bethany Lakes. Been itching to fish Senkos to see what Bass are lurking in the ponds. Ran out of Gary Yamamoto Senkos but did have Gander Mountain Senkos in the tackle box. Went with… [read more]

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