Slab and Jig Rig

  • Slab and Jig Rig… Sabiki Style! #fishing #kayakfishing

    By / May 23, 2017 / Fishing

    Here is the Slab and Jig Rig that we like using when kayak fishing our local lake. Uses Uni-Knots to join lines, Overhand/Uni-knots to set the Sabiki droppers, Improved Clinch Knots to tie on the Slab and two Crappie Jigs, and a Perfection Loop that attaches to the swivel. Also, for the main line, we… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #40 – Bouncing the Slab and Jig Rig! #kayakfishing

    Fished Clear Lake Park on Lake Lavon yesterday. Slow go at first while we trolled a Slab and Jig Rig tied sabiki style. No hits until we started bouncing the rig on the bottom! Fun stuff with Crappie, White Bass, and even Catfish on the line. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

  • Kayak Fishing Sunday

    Went Kayak Fishing for White Bass at Lake Lavon Sunday. Caught a number of undersized White Bass but we did end up with seven Keepers and two Yellow Bass. Nuclaroche caught two of the seven Keepers using a Slab and Jig Rig. After a while, he had to use a Tube Jig as the fish… [read more]

  • Kayak Fished Brockdale Park Saturday

    By / August 2, 2015 / Kayak Fishing, Lake Lavon

    Put in at Brockdale Park Saturday afternoon and went kayak fishing. Was a late start but almost immediately after launching noticed lots of fish activity on the surface. Used Sabiki Rigged Tube Fishing Flies and a Slab initially; had no takers, so removed the Slab and switched to Tube Fishing Flies and Crappie Jigs. Soon… [read more]

  • Tickey Creek This Round!

    Made a run to Tickey Creek after work yesterday. Launched the kayak and trolled a Slab and Jig Rig. Had consistent hook ups with most strikes on the Crappie Jig! Had multiple double hook ups and lots of singles. No Keepers though; regardless, had a great time. Even got some sight casting to rising schools… [read more]

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