Soft Hackle

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #14 – “Fishing the Lower Mountain Fork Part 1”

    By / October 9, 2016 / Lower Mountain Fork

    Had a great time Saturday fishing the Lower Mountain Fork River at Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma! Been a while since we last fished it. Luckily, found a break in the schedule and made the run north across the border! Fished the Red Zone in the morning in hopes of a Bruiser, and then… [read more]

  • Out and About Saturday

    By / February 28, 2016 / Fishing

    Fished McKinney’s Towne Lake Saturday morning, and then fished Prosper’s Frontier Park Pond afterwards. Took a little work to find the pattern at Towne Lake. But, did find it… Olive Near Deere was the “go to ” fishing fly again. But, the key was the retrieve – let the fishing fly sink counting to ten,… [read more]

  • Fun with the Micro Fly Rod

    Fished Celebration Park’s North Pond this evening for about an hour. Noticed the water level was much lower compared to two months ago. Luckily, the fish were biting. They were little… perfect for the Micro Fly Rod and some Micro Fishing!  

  • Scouting a Feeder Creek

    By / March 23, 2015 / Fishing

    Stopped by Bethany Lakes this evening. Fished the Back Pond for about 30″.  Had several Bluegill strike a Foam Grasshopper but was not able to hook up. Also, tried fishing a few beds but the water was murky making it tough to see the Bass. Decided to scout one of the feeder creeks in the… [read more]

  • Only Four This Round

    By / February 25, 2015 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Made it to Murphy City Hall Pond for another go at Trout. Caught four and missed four more but still was good to get out for another round of fishing this week! Used a Tandem Rig – Olive/Brown Near Deere and a Soft Hackle. One Trout went for the Near Deere, remainder went for the… [read more]

  • Another Round with the Micro Fly Rod

    By / February 8, 2015 / Bass, Bluegill, Micro Fishing, Sunfish

    After limiting out on Trout, decided to have another go with the Micro Fly Rod. Changed the fly line by using less backing line and more fly line. No knot to hang up on the rod guides, so I was able to get more distance on the cast. Caught two little Bluegill and one Bass… [read more]

  • Micro Fishing This Round

    Late yesterday was able to get a quick trip at Celebration Park for some Micro Fishing with the Micro Fly Rod.This morning, made another quick trip but this time to Bethany Lakes. Used a Four Weight Fly Rod in hopes of catching a Bass or two. No takers though… luckily, I had a Soft Hackle… [read more]

  • Fished a Feeder Creek This Round

    By / January 4, 2015 / Fishing

    Cold temps and short on time; no Trout Reports today. Did get a snippet from Fshng84 who went fishing at the Feeder Creek to Bethany. He reported little Bluegill/Sunfish on Soft Hackle and Tiny Midges. Looked like fun especially on a 3 Weight Fly Rod. Did note that the Tiny Midge used was the same… [read more]

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