Stoney Hollow Park

  • Quick Fishing Update… Finally Broke The Streak!

    By / July 14, 2019 / Fishing

    Fished Lavon last Friday and struck out, then Denison Dam last Saturday and struck out, too! Went to Texoma last Sunday, and struck out again! No chance to fish until this Saturday… finally broke the streak by fishing Stoney Hollow Park Pond using the TFO 6wt Fly Rod and Echo Iion 6/7wt reel. OPST Commando… [read more]

  • Stoney Hollow Pond for Bass on the Fly… Tube Fly!

    By / April 6, 2019 / Fishing

    Finished the day job and kicked off the weekend with some pond fishing for bass on the fly. Not sure where we were going to fish; plan was to stop at a pond on the commute home. Several options on the way; ended up fishing Stoney Hollow Pond in Plano. Went with the trusty 6wt… [read more]

  • Stoney Hollow Park Pond and the Purple Damsel Fly This Round! #flyfishing

    By / September 30, 2017 / Fishing

    Fished Stoney Hollow Park pond in Plano this morning. Brought the 4 Weight Fly Rod and went with a Purple Damsel Fly in size 10. Varied the retrieve as needed to catch and release 11 Bass and one Bluegill. No pictures or video of the little Bluegill but did get some good video of several… [read more]

  • Struck Out On the Trinity; Did Get a Bass Elsewhere… #flyfishing

    By / March 19, 2017 / Bass

    Fished the Trinity River this morning in hopes of Trout; no luck with them. But, did see lots of Carp… looked like they were spawning. Sight cast to passing schools and did get one strike but ended throwing the hook soon after. Later, decided to closeout the weekend with a quick trip to Stoney Hollow… [read more]

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