Surf Casting

  • Brockdale Park is Open… Struck Out But Still Fun Surf Casting!

    By / July 6, 2019 / Fishing

    Setup the surf casting rod and made the run to Brockdale Park (Lavon). Thought the park was closed, planned to walk down from the gate. Arrived and found out it was open. Drove down to the parking area. Lake level is up. Able to get some great surf casting practice in. No fish but did… [read more]

  • Tickey Creek This Round… Frito Fishing Fly Worked!

    By / August 6, 2015 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Below is the follow-on video of the action from yesterday when we fished Tickey Creek! Really liking the simple fishing flies that work great on the Sabiki Rig for White Bass! Calling them Frito Fishing Flies for now since we made them from a Frito Bag that a certain unnamed individual finished without sharing! Going to tie… [read more]

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