• Windy Evening But They Were Biting!

    By / May 27, 2016 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Been sidetracked with work and things as well as rain storms and strong winds has kayak fishing on hold for now. Did get a break in this evening and made a run to the point at Brockdale Park. Sabiki flies worked well on White Bass, multiple hook ups were happening,… Penn Squall 15 did well… [read more]

  • Re-published “Surfcasting Without the Surf”

    By / June 7, 2015 / Article

    Been meaning to re-publish our Squidoo article, “Surfcasting Without the Surf”. We completed it and it is now available on HubPages. Do check it out when you get a chance! Given the water being released at Denison Dam this article and combined with our “Fishing Denison Dam’s Tailrace” may be of interest to Readers!  

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