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  • Tenkara Fishing a Pond with Foam Grasshoppers! #tenkarafishing #flyfishing

    By / May 16, 2020 / Fishing

    Finally got a much needed haircut after two months! Feel much better now, what to do to celebrate… GO FISHING. Since the Tenkara Iwana Rod from Tenkara USA is at the ready in the little pickup truck, hit the closest pond from the barber… Kroger Park. Water was clear and the Bass and Bluegill were… [read more]

  • Tenkara Pond Fishing #tenkarausa #iwana #flyfishing

    By / April 9, 2020 / Fishing

    Been itching to go fishing with the TenkaraUSA Iwana tenkara rod but sidetracked with the day job. Luckily, there was break in the work schedule… able to fish a couple of ponds. Was a tough go at first… a missed strike at the first pond, else no other bites. And then, a slow start until… [read more]

  • Ordered the Iwana Tenkara Rod at 30% Discount #tenkarafishing

    By / April 2, 2020 / Fishing

    Was out fishing a local creek earlier this week. Caught a few Bluegill with the 2wt flyrod but was wanting for the tenkara rod as the creek was lined with brush and offered minimal access as well as casting room. Lots of roll casting and switch casting was the key. Unfortunately, lost the video… deleted… [read more]

  • Quick Trips Today… Bethany Lakes and Turtle Creek!

    By / August 27, 2017 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Bluegill, Fishing

    Early start this morning had us fishing Bethany Lakes with the Foam Grasshopper in size 14. Caught several fish – little Bass and Bluegill. Then, had brunch in Dallas at the Katy Trail Ice House, followed by a little hiking on the Katy Trail. While out and about checked out Turtle Creek and saw lots… [read more]

  • Tenkara Rod This Round!

    Fished the Olive/White Tenkara Fly this evening at the local lake. Started fishing the Back Pond, then moved on to the Lower Pond after catching a few. This round dusted off the Tenkara Rod and used it to fish. Forgot how simple it is to pack up and go fishing with a Tenkara Rod. Really… [read more]

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