Trout Derby

  • Derby Day Trout Fishing with the RIO Trout Max #flyfishing

    By / February 28, 2020 / Fishing

    Out and about trout fishing at the local derbies last weekend! Able to limit out on trout… used the MaxCatch 2wt Fly Rod and Orvis Hydros SL1 Fly Reel lined with the Rio Trout Max One-Handed Spey and OPST Lazar Line!

  • Latest iFishNews is posted… Plus Collin County Trout Derby Ponds!

    By / January 30, 2018 / Fishing

    Latest iFishNews is posted – January 30, 2018. Do check it out when you get a chance. This edition focuses on trout fishing special events in our area. Of note is TRWD Flyfest and its Big Fish Contest that we like! Also, for those in the Collin County, TX area included a quick video snippet… [read more]

  • Propser, Denison, and Murphy Trout Derbies this Saturday!

    By / February 23, 2017 / Fishing

    Been working the day job and have been out of pocket. May be out of pocket Saturday as well. Bummer… three trout derbies are scheduled this Saturday! Frontier Park in Prosper Waterloo Park Pond in Denison Murphy City Complex Pond in Murphy If in the area, do give it a try!

  • Saturday at Towne Lake for Trout! #flyfishing

    By / February 19, 2017 / Fishing, Towne Lake

    Checked out the Trout Derby at Towne Lake in Mckinney Saturday! Lots of fun …trophies were presented, prizes were won, and trout were caught. 6,000 trout were released in the sectioned off area, so the chance at catching a trout were high after the derby. Managed to get a limit plus some catch and release… [read more]

  • Good News, Bad News…. #flyfishing

    By / February 18, 2017 / Towne Lake

    Good news at Towne Lake in Mckinney. Limited out on trout! Lots of folks at the derby; have video to edit but that can wait. Bad news… ran out of Guadalupanas – was the fishing fly they were hitting on for us. Slow retrieve and light strikes but did see others doing well on other lures… [read more]

  • Towne Lake Trout Derby in Mckinney Saturday. #troutderbies

    By / February 16, 2017 / Towne Lake

    The city of Mckinney is hosting a trout derby this Saturday. Looks like 5,000 trout to be stocked at Towne Lake. For details, check it out at! Can get crowded but is still lots of fun. Below is a playlist of videos from the past few years. Also, one year they had trophies for adult participants… [read more]

  • Trout Derby Tomorrow in Denison!

    By / January 7, 2017 / Waterloo Park Pond

    Looks like there is a Trout Derby tomorrow in Denison at Waterloo. Trout were stocked yesterday, and the derby is tomorrow. If you can brave the cold temps, they might be biting today! [Correction: Trout Derby was held Saturday, January 7. Trout are still there and biting. Fished Saturday afternoon and managed to limit of… [read more]

  • Wow… Another Trout Derby this Weekend!

    By / February 26, 2016 / Waterloo Park Pond

    Posted earlier that Prosper was hosting a Trout Derby; looks like Denison is hosting one too! Two places for a chance at Trout! Looks like Denison has a Trout Derby too! #troutfishing — StockerTroutFishing (@iFishRadio) February 26, 2016

  • Another Trout Derby… This Saturday in Prosper!

    By / February 26, 2016 / Fishing

    Another Trout Derby is scheduled this weekend. Last weekend we had McKinney and Murphy hosting Trout Derbies. Looks like Saturday February 27 it’s Prosper hosting an event. Should be fun! Prosper Trout Derby Saturday! #troutfishing — StockerTroutFishing (@iFishRadio) February 26, 2016

  • Murphy for Trout This Round

    Checked out the derby hosted by the city of Murphy this morning. Saw lots of kids catching fish; us grownups had to wait till after the derby to fish. Warm weather was nice allowing for short sleeves and shorts. But, it looked like the Trout were having issues as a number of them were floating… [read more]

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