Trout Stocking

  • Trout Fishing Texas Pond in Murphy Texas!

    By / February 24, 2019 / Fishing

    Short on time Saturday but lots of action fishing a Texas Pond in Murphy Texas for stocked Rainbow Trout! Forgot the GRHEN we tied the other day but luckily the Olive Near Deere fished under a Corqs Strike Indicator did the trick to catch a limit of trout! Windy day with a slight adjustment in… [read more]

  • Where is the Carrollton Sports Complex?

    By / January 8, 2019 / Fishing

    Posted in the TPWD Winter Trout Stocking Schedule is a pond that we have not fished before. Not able to check it out but heard reports of others trying without success. Also, not certain if they are at the right pond nor where in Carrollton it is located. Checked the TPWD Community Fishing Link and… [read more]

  • Winter Trout Stocking Highlights Playlist

    By / January 3, 2019 / Fishing

    Stuck at work and cold and rain has us indoors and not fishing. No worries though. Able to put a YouTube Playlist of past fishing trips to local ponds and stocking locations during the Winter Trout Stockings in Texas!

  • Blue River Stocking Updates! #troutfishing

    By / October 25, 2018 / Blue River

    Liking the news about the Blue River getting trout stockings next week!  Time to get gear ready, and make a run across the border to OK for those in the North Texas area! Video retrieved from Blue River Fishing and Hunting Area video posted on Facebook; do check it out! PS: Info on Hughes Crossing… [read more]

  • Trinity River Trout Stocking….!

    By / January 22, 2018 / Fishing

    Keep this one on your calendars… another trout stocking on the Trinity River in Fort Worth! Always a great time fishing for trout on a river.  

  • Limited Out Yesterday, Struck Out This Morning #troutfishing

    By / December 21, 2017 / Bethany Lakes

    Limited out yesterday on trout at Bethany Lakes but struck out this morning. May need to make a stop later and see if the trout are rising and taking “bugs”… for now, made a short instagram clip from yesterday!   struck out this morning #troutfishing the local pond. Really nice day though… what a difference… [read more]

  • Trout Fishing Monday Beats the Work Week Blues at Bethany! #troutfishing

    By / December 19, 2017 / Bethany Lakes, Fishing

    Rainy day today but did some catch up work to include video editing yesterday’s fishing action at Bethany Lakes yesterday. Caught them on Silver Kastmasters and various fishing flies… did notice the GRHEN was the more consistent fish-getter this round! Did a little casting practice with the Switch Rod, mainly used it one-handed which was… [read more]

  • Limited Out at Bethany Again Today…! #troutfishing

    By / December 18, 2017 / Bethany Lakes

    Made it to Bethany Lakes shortly after Noon today. Fished for about two hours and limited out. Caught three using a silver Kastmaster on a fast retrieve like we used the other day. Yesterday used Kastmaster in the 1/12oz size but lost them to snags. Picked up two more from Walmart but in the 1/8oz… [read more]

  • More Trout Fishing at Bethany Lakes! #troutfishing

    By / December 17, 2017 / Bethany Lakes

    Another round at Bethany Lakes Sunday. Limited out using Gold Super Dupers and Gold Kastmasters. Then, did some catch and release fishing with the Switch Rod. Trout went for a Olive Near Deere, Guadalupana, and a Krystal Dub Minnow! Fish wanted a fast retrieve; did get a lot of missed strikes and trout nipping our… [read more]

  • Trout Fishing at Bethany Saturday! #troutfishing

    By / December 17, 2017 / Bethany Lakes, Fishing

    Fished Saturday morning at Bethany and caught three, came back later in the day with a fishing buddy. Got two more to close out a limit for your’s truly. Fishing buddy limited out too. All went for Super Dupers except for one that went for corn. Fun stuff!   Here is the Super Duper we… [read more]

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