• Quick Stop at Bethany Friday, then to Waterloo… #troutfishing

    By / December 16, 2017 / Waterloo Park Pond

    Missed seeing the trout being released at Bethany Friday, but was able to stop by and check things out. Trout are there, saw a few caught, but was not able to fish. When we were able, decided to make the run up the road to Denison and fish Waterloo Park Pond! Limited out using Near… [read more]

  • Caruth Park for Trout Fishing! #flyfishing

    By / December 6, 2017 / Fishing

    Sidetracked with the day job but did manage to get the video of the fishing trip to Caruth Park in Dallas – specifically, the Highland Park / University Park area. The park has a small pond that was stocked with trout last Wednesday. Managed to catch one, lose one… and catch a Bluegill, too! Others… [read more]

  • Fishing Report from Australia…! #australiatroutfishing #australia

    By / August 23, 2017 / Fishing

    Received an update from Steve in Australia… Great to hear the Near Deere is getting bit in OZ! Thanks for the update Steve! My two fishing trips were to Marysville Lake and Don Road Lake at Healesville. At Marysville I used my 12 foot tenkara rod as well as a spinning rod with a Crystal Cast… [read more]

  • Happy New Years… Three Trout to Close Out 2016! #flyfishing

    By / December 31, 2016 / Bethany Lakes

    Happy New Years! What better way to end the last day of the year then going fishing! Took a little time but did get three trout to stay on the hook at Bethany Lakes this morning. Two went for a PMC Emerger, and one went for a Griffith’s Gnat. Lost the last PMC Emerger to… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #29 – Two Limits at Waterloo This Round! #troutfishing #flyfishing

    By / December 24, 2016 / Waterloo Park Pond

    Took a little but found the pattern at Waterloo Park Pond in Denison. After trying a Near Deere and trailing GRHEN as well as several other patterns, went with a COAF Griffith’s Gnat when we saw lots of surface activity. Noticed on several trips to Waterloo in the past that trout were feeding on something… [read more]

  • Murphy for Trout This Round

    Checked out the derby hosted by the city of Murphy this morning. Saw lots of kids catching fish; us grownups had to wait till after the derby to fish. Warm weather was nice allowing for short sleeves and shorts. But, it looked like the Trout were having issues as a number of them were floating… [read more]

  • Waterloo This Round

    By / February 14, 2016 / Fishing

    Fished Waterloo Saturday. Met up with NucLaroche and had a go at the Rainbow Trout. Took some time but we limited out. NucLaroche opted for Super Dupers taking two on gold and three on silver. Fshng84 caught one on a White Near Deere and four on a Tandem Rigged Olive Near Deere and trailing Gold… [read more]

  • Update from Australia!

    By / October 31, 2015 / Fishing

    Received an update from Steve in Australia. He was able to catch a nice looking Brown Trout from an undisclosed location. Below is a picture of the Trout! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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