• Fishing Updates | Livestream from the COAF Field Team | After TRWD Flyfest

    By / March 14, 2021 / Fishing

    Fun time at TRWD Flyfest yesterday, saw some nice trout caught, and met a few viewers of our YouTube Channel. This video talks about the area fished during the contest!

  • YouTube #Shorts | TRWD Flyfest | Why We Like It!

    By / February 18, 2021 / Fishing

    Another YouTube Shorts video to add to the playlist; this one summarizes why we like the fishing event hosted by the Tarrant Regional Water District! Always a great time to be had!

  • TRWD Trout Stocking Postponed….

    By / January 3, 2019 / Fishing

    Heads up, TRWD Trout Stocking for January 3 was moved to Friday, January 4. Do note on your calendars for those in the DFW area interested in fishing River Park!

  • TRWD Trout Stocking and TRWD Flyfest Dates Announced… WooHoo!

    By / November 1, 2018 / Rainbow Trout

    Always a great time fishing for Rainbow Trout during the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Winter Trout Stocking Program. The schedule is not out yet, but Tarrant Regional Water District has announced the dates for their annual Trinity River Rainbow Trout Stockings as well as the Annual TRWD Flyfest Event. Made it to Flyfest 1,… [read more]

  • TRWD Flyfest 2018… and After! #trwdflyfest #coaffieldteam

    By / March 18, 2018 / Fishing, Rainbow Trout, River Park

    Had a great time at TRWD Flyfest last weekend. Although we had to leave early, still had a great time. Came back the day after and saw others catching nice size trout, managed to catch one that went 16″ too! Then, came back this past Friday, March 16. Was having a tough go, but then… [read more]

  • Quick Update – March 16, 2018 #coaffieldteam

    By / March 16, 2018 / Fishing

    Quick update from the Team has us sidetracked again from editing the TRWD fishing video but really tough given yours truly had the day off. So, to mix things up, decided to do a little “ukelele time” before making the run to Fort Worth to fish the Trinity River for some bruiser Trout! Have tried… [read more]

  • Back to the Trinity…!

    By / March 14, 2016 / Fishing

    Enjoyed TRWD Flyfest this past Saturday. Decided to go back to the Trinity River for another chance at the Bruisers that were stocked. Saw lots of folks catching them… unfortunately did not get one this round. Had some on the line, but could not close the deal and land them. Trout are much bigger than… [read more]

  • Trinity River Water District Trout Events

    By / February 1, 2016 / Fishing

    Looks like the Trinty River Water District has two trout fishing events planned – Trout Stocking February and a Flyfest in March! Sounds like fun!

  • Rain or Shine….!

    By / January 21, 2015 / River Park

    Looks like rain or shine the Tarrant Regional Water District is stocking Rainbow Trout tomorrow at River Park and Trinity Park in Fort Worth. The Team may need to make a run to Fort Worth this weekend for a go at some possible Bruiser Trout!

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