Tube Fly

  • Stoney Hollow Pond for Bass on the Fly… Tube Fly!

    By / April 6, 2019 / Fishing

    Finished the day job and kicked off the weekend with some pond fishing for bass on the fly. Not sure where we were going to fish; plan was to stop at a pond on the commute home. Several options on the way; ended up fishing Stoney Hollow Pond in Plano. Went with the trusty 6wt… [read more]

  • Kayak Fishing This Round!

    Finally made it out in the kayak. Fished the point at Brockdale Park. Birds were working the shad from above; White Bass were working the shad from below. Used a fly rod and a bow mounted rod holder to fish a tandem crappie jig and tube fly. Lots of fun with most bites on the… [read more]

  • Another Round at Lake Lavon

    By / July 12, 2015 / Bass, Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Snuck away this afternoon and fished Laka Lavon. Took the kayak to the same place we went to yesterday. Bite was on although it was small undersized Largemouth Bass and White Bass. Did get what looked like a keeper White Bass but as it turned out, was not able to land it as it threw… [read more]

  • One More Go at Brockdale

    By / June 11, 2015 / Fishing

    Headed to Brockdale Park after work this evening. More casting practice with the Daiwa Sealine Surf Casting Rod and Penn Squall 15 Reel. No bites for a while and then caught two White Bass using a White Tube Fly. Wind was up, so it was difficult to see rising schools. Mainly blind casted. Next step…… [read more]

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