Turner Falls Park

  • Turner Falls Fly Fishing – December 1, 2018

    By / December 15, 2018 / Fishing

    Final video of our trip to Turner Falls is done – #3 of three! This round fished the mid-section of the river, caught four, released more, then kept the last one to close out a limit. Fun times fly fishing Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma!

  • Turner Falls Fishing Access – FB Q&A Repost

    By / December 11, 2018 / Fishing

    Answered a Facebook question asking for info about fishing access at Turner Falls Park. Tried two live sessions; first failed. Second one worked but not certain if it provided enough detail. Made edits and added details to the original live session. Hope this one answered the mail more clearly. Do check it out on YouTube… [read more]

  • Turner Falls Fly Fishing – November 28, 2018

    By / December 9, 2018 / Fishing

    Trip 2 of 3 fishing Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma for Rainbow Trout. This round was tougher; started the day fishing downriver, then moved upriver later. Able to limit out, even did a “Hank Patterson” move when the fly reel fell off the fly rod while fishing… LOL! Goto 28:00 in the video to see… [read more]

  • Turner Falls Fly Fishing – November 27, 2018

    By / December 7, 2018 / Fishing

    Trip 1 of 3 last week fly fishing Turners Falls Park in Davis, OK for Rainbow Trout! Limited out after having to figure out the pattern and dealing with lots of leaves clobbering the area where the trout were lurking. Fun times!

  • Turner Falls Park for Trout Fishing Fun! #turnerfallspark

    By / November 22, 2017 / Turner Falls Park

    Had a great time fishing for trout at Turner Falls Park near Davis, Oklahoma. Water was crystal clear and the trout were readily striking lures and fishing flies… at least on Friday and Saturday. Sunday they were easily spooked and were harder to catch. No worries though… able to limit out each day once we… [read more]

  • Too Nice a Day… Fished Turner Falls, Again! #turnerfallspark

    By / November 20, 2017 / Turner Falls Park

    Too nice a day to pass up fishing Turner Falls Park. Decided on another round of fishing in the Park while on our road trip back home to Texas. Was tough fishing the crystal clear water; trout were easily spooked and were “lockjawed”. when it came to our fishing flies. Moved to the section of… [read more]

  • Another Quick Update of Turner Falls… #turnerfallspark

    By / November 18, 2017 / Rainbow Trout, Turner Falls Park

    Another round at Turner Falls Park for Rainbow Trout. Two of us fished and limited out. This time caught them on fly fishing as well as on ultralight spinning gear. Near Deere again was the fly of choice; tried other fishing flies but for some reason, they reacted to the Near Deere and ignored other… [read more]

  • Turner Falls Quick Update… #turnerfallspark

    By / November 18, 2017 / Fishing, Turner Falls Park

    Made the run across the border to Oklahoma’s Turner Falls Park for some fly fishing. Recently stocked with rainbow trout, was able to get a limit Friday. Hope to try again Saturday for more fun fishing the river! Will post a video of the trip later. For now, here is a video snippet of the… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #28 – Turner Falls Park Trout Fishing! #troutfishing

    By / December 18, 2016 / Turner Falls Park

    Video of Saturday’s action trout fishing at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma. Was a slower bite than we are used to for the Park but did limited out! Planned to fish until around Noon depending on when the cold front was to arrive. Ended up fishing until around 2PM. Missed the snow but did feel… [read more]

  • Limited Out at Turner Falls Park Today… #turnerfalls #troutfishing

    By / December 17, 2016 / Turner Falls Park

    Made it to Turner Falls Park today; was able to get a limit of trout before it started snowing. No Bruisers but did see them lurking in the water. Video editing still in progress. Also, did get some underwater video clips of trout lurking nearby… here is one clip of a scrappy one in one… [read more]

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