Two Piece Micro Fly Rod

  • Micro Fly Rods Revisited… #microflyrod #microfishing

    By / February 6, 2018 / Fishing

    Several years ago we modified a Pen Fishing Rod and made our first micro fly rod. It was a prototype where we used a crappie reel as the fly reel and electrical tape to mount it to the Pen Rod. Later, we made more modifications and published an article online detailing the modifications – COAF… [read more]

  • Celebration Park Northeast Pond

    Stopped by Celebration Park this evening and fished for Bluegill and Sunfish with the two-piece Micro Flyrod. Caught several Bluegill and Sunfish using a Tenkara Fly. While fishing for the little scrappers, put out the Water Wolf Camera and fished fro whatever would bite. Had a number of strikes but no hookups. Still working on… [read more]

  • Two Piece Micro Fly Rod Worked Well!

    By / April 15, 2016 / Micro Fly Rod

    Tested the Two Piece Micro Fly Rod at Bethany Lakes yesterday. Rod worked well; was able to cast to the backing several times and had no issues reaching the fish that were in the pond. Used two fishing flies – a Damsel Fly Variant and a Grizzly Hackle Dry Fly. Both caught fish but will… [read more]

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