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  • YouTube Shorts | Trout Fishing | Corn vs Powerbait?

    By / February 3, 2021 / Fishing

    More fun collating past trips into the YouTube Shorts video format. This one was a fun trip to a small pond stocked with trout. Decided to fish corn and Powerbait to see which bait the trout liked. Lesson learned… Bring both! Added it to the COAF Shorts playlist – check it out!

  • Pond Fishing | GoFish Cam and Scouting for Fish

    By / January 15, 2021 / Fishing

    Another pond fishing video where I try to scout the local pond for potential bruiser fish. Turned out mainly small fish but did have a promising strike on a bread bait of a Catfish. The underwater video is tough to make it out but luckily, I was able to see it pass through the led… [read more]

  • More GoFish Cam Scouting – Anyone Lose a Lure?

    By / July 30, 2020 / Fishing

    Took the GoFish Cam camera yesterday for another round of scouting the local pond for what is lurking below. Had some catfish strike a doughbait but forgot to turn the GoFish Cam recording on. Lesson learned… went back this morning to scout the same spots plus a drainage channel that we know holds fish. Still… [read more]

  • GoPro Underwater Video Take3 – Limited out Trout Fishing at Waterloo!

    By / February 2, 2020 / Fishing

    Made the run up to Waterloo in Denison for trout fishing fun. Trout Derby was held the day before, so lots of trout to be had in the little pond. Brought the GoPro Underwater Video rig for another try at action shots of trout. Was a tough go with murkly water and lots of vegetation… [read more]

  • Testing My GoPro Setup for Underwater Fishing Videos – Take One! #fishing #gopro

    By / January 11, 2020 / Fishing

    Been itching to get more underwater action shots while fishing. Since losing the Waterwolf Camera last year, it has been a bust. But, putting on the thinking cap, came up with a mount for the GoPro… since it’s still in the works, we called this one prototype 1. Water was murky from recent rains, did… [read more]

  • Celebration Park with the Water Wolf Camera…!

    By / October 18, 2018 / Fishing

    Lots of fun the other day at Celebration Park fishing with the Micro Fly Rod. While there, decided to put bait on the Water Wolf Camera Rig and toss it in the pond to see what was lurking below. It was mainly Bluegill and Sunfish, but did get a glimpse of Catfish and a Bass…… [read more]

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