Waterloo Park

  • Catch N’ Cook Trout! #troutfishing #waterwolfcamera #catchandcook

    By / January 7, 2018 / Fishing, Waterloo Park Pond

    Action Saturday, January 6 where we fished Waterloo Park in Denison,TX to catch trout for a Catch N’ Cook video requested by one of our Readers. Key bait was Corn. ower Bait worked but the trout really bit on the corn.  Also, caught a couple on the fly using the Micro Flyrod and a Guadalupana!… [read more]

  • Back to Waterloo!

    Back to Waterloo today. Less wind compared to yesterday but much colder. Was breaking ice from the rod guides. At one point about every third cast, had to stop casting to break the ice. Action was slow on the fly but bait fishermen were doing well on PowerBait and PowerWorms. Ended the round catching a… [read more]

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