Wine Cork Handle

  • Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod Works!

    By / March 6, 2015 / Bethany Lakes, Micro Fly Rod

    Took a break yesterday to cast the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod. Did not go fishing but did get a feel for the “cast-ability” of the rod. It cast well; able to take it to the backing. Next step… go fishing! So today, went fishing after work. Decided on Bethany Lakes to try catching a… [read more]

  • Finished the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod

    By / March 4, 2015 / iFishRadio, Micro Fly Rod

    Another cold front arrived in the area. Rain, freezing rain, and some snow later tonight. So, took the opportunity to finish the Micro Fly Rod I have been tinkering with… calling it the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod since the handle is made from old wine corks. Other things used: 1 Line Rod Guide 2… [read more]

  • Wine Cork Handle Shaped and Fitted….

    By / February 28, 2015 / Micro Fishing, Micro Fly Rod

    Snow delay is not slowing us down. Worked on the wine cork handle for the next Micro Fly Rod. Finished shaping and fitting it on to the Ice Fishing Rod Blank. Letting the epoxy dry, and then it’s the next step… Rod Guides or is it the Reel Seat? No worries… till the next step!

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