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  • Here’s to More Fishing and Fishing Videos in 2020!

    By / December 27, 2019 / Fishing

    Wishing all a Happy New Year and more fun fishing and posting fishing videos in the upcoming year. Do like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel at COAF Field Team to stay up to date on the latest!

  • Started Our Fishing YouTube Channel, Again! #coaffieldteam

    By / June 18, 2019 / Fishing

    Here is a video that provides an overview of our Fishing YouTube Channel as we re-start our Channel! I am an avid fisherman who supports the City of Allen Fishing Field Team. Or, C-O-A-F Field Team. Formerly a team of five, currently a team of one as others have moved elsewhere. That said, the Team… [read more]

  • Do Join Us on YouTube… #COAFFIELDTEAM

    By / January 17, 2018 / Fishing

    Don’t forget to join us on YouTube on our channel – COAF Field Team. And. do check back periodically for our latest videos and/or subscribe!   Join us on our #YouTube #channel and subscribe to see our latest videos. Appreciate the support! We are currently enjoying #fishing for #stocked #trout in our area but will… [read more]

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