Tandem Rigged Streamer and Midge Worked Again…! #flyfishing #blueriver

By / November 17, 2019 / Fishing

Made it to the Blue River in Oklahoma Saturday. Had a great time. Water was clear and fish were active and once we figured out the pattern… able to get them on our stringer!

Started with a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and John Deere; same setup that did well last Sunday. Unfortunately, was not the pattern this trip.

Switched to a Streamer and Midge Tandem Rig with the John Deere and a trailing Rainbow Warrior. That was the ticket! Trout were taking the Rainbow Warrior.

Did lose the rig, retied a Near Deere and Rainbow Warrior. Managed to catch one trout on the Neare Deere, else it was the Rainbow Warrior, again.

Limited out with one nice trout (not on video) that we lost while landing it. Overall, nice day on the Blue… Tandem Rigged fishing flies were the key again!

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