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I was doing some cleaning in the office today and found a box that sat in the closet for a while. It’s a DVD from the Blue River Fly Fishers titled, “On The River Blue: Six Great Trout Flies”.

I picked it up at Scotty’s One Stop several years ago after one cold outing when I was surrounded by Trout feeding on something just under the water surface. I tried every fishing fly in the fly box with only a few strikes, else no solid hook sets.

Afterwards, I headed to Scotty’s for a break and to warm up a little. While there, I noticed a display of DVDs for sale. I figured buy the DVD and see what fishing flies I should bring next round.

When I got home that evening, I watched the DVD and discovered one of the six fishing flies would have been the ticket that morning! It was a tiny midge fishing fly in a size 22-26; forgot what it was called. I do remember it was made with black dacron tying thread and just a “little bit” of white antron fibers.

TBT… On the Blue River!

PS: The tiny midge fishing fly is called a Black Midge… Here is a snapshot of one.

Black Midge