Tenkara Fishing a Small Pond

By / September 5, 2021 / Fishing

Out and about this weekend in Oklahoma. Decided to fish a small pond is in Moore or possibly Norman… could be on the border, too!

Trip started out slow with fish actively feeding on “bugs” on the surface. Also, noticed lots of turtles seemed to show up suspiciously near my fishing fly.

I started fishing the pond’s perimeter using a Foam Grasshopper pattern without success. Then, switched to a Guadalupana fished under a strike indicator.

The fish were barely nibbling… more like “pecking like a chicken” at my offering. Once I added the indicator, I was able to detect strikes but it still did not mean a hook-up.

After multiple missed strikes, I managed to catch a little Bluegill. The remainder of the trip continued to be a strike or a miss but I did catch a few more Bluegill, Sunfish, and a Bass.

The pond looks fairly new, so I anticipate more and bigger fish to come. Will keep this one in my back pocket to fish when I am in the area again.

Do check out the video!

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