Testing My GoPro Setup for Underwater Fishing Videos – Take One! #fishing #gopro

By / January 11, 2020 / Fishing

Been itching to get more underwater action shots while fishing. Since losing the Waterwolf Camera last year, it has been a bust. But, putting on the thinking cap, came up with a mount for the GoPro… since it’s still in the works, we called this one prototype 1.

Water was murky from recent rains, did get a glimpse of little bluegill looking at the fishing fly we added to attract them. Learned a few things on the setup. Next round should be better.

This video is the field test of prototype 1, have already made adjustments and prototype 2 is ready to go. Just got to find time to test it out in the field. Do check back, will get it tested and hopefully show some underwater fishing action!

If prototype 2 work well, will post a how to video!

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