Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center Trout Fishing! #flyfishing

By / November 26, 2017 / Catfish, Rainbow Trout

Made the run down the road to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens for a chance at trout. Cool place with several ponds to fish. We opted to fish the Casting Pond. Maybe next round we will give it a go at the other locations.

Bite started out good with several strikes on the Olive Near Deere; even landed a couple to put on the stringer. Then, things slowed as well as the are became clobbered with pine needles. Luckily, a slight wind clear the area later in the day, and the trout became more active, too.

In short order, we managed to put eight more on the stringer to make a total of ten! Two of us limited out; one of us had an issue with landing the trout once hooked. No worries though, was a great time to be out on a warm November day!

PS: No fishing licence is required. Entrance fee includes fishing; however, if you want to harvest the trout, an additional fee of $5 is required. There are other regulations to be aware of… we includes a copy of the pamphlet that has more info in the video.

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