Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | Found a Pattern, Limited Out

By / December 14, 2020 / Fishing

After several quick trips in the late afternoon/evening fishing for Texas Rainbow Trout that were stocked at Bethany Lakes last Wednesday, finally limited out on a cold Saturday morning.

Trout were actively feeding on something. Even chased but turned away from lures we casted. Trout were picky with one caught on a Rubber Legged Near Deere fished motionless under a Bubble Fly Rig, and then another caught on a Griffith’s Gnat using the same rig.

As luck had it, my reel broke… the bail spring. Switched to other rods before settling on the fly rod, fishing the Near Deere with a “twitchy twitch” retrieve. For some reason, the trout wanted movement!

After limiting out, did some catch and release to see if the pattern held. By mid-morning, they wanted the Generic Black Midge Dry Fly in size 16… fished dry as well as wet and changing from a no retrieve to a short pull retrieve.

Later, stopped by in the evening… no lure, no fishing flies, trout were wanting corn. LOL!

Did see others doing well with PowerBait and Mouse Tails throughout the day. Rule of Thumb… be ready to change baits, lures, fishing flies, the retrieve, and/or the rig you are using.

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