Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | Waterloo Park Pond in Denison

By / December 23, 2020 / Fishing

More Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing in the DFW area. This round takes us to Denison, TX… just north of Dallas. Recently stocked with Rainbow Trout; we try our luck finding the pattern.

Waterloo Park Pond is a small pond but can be challenging at times. This trip yours truly limited out using PowerBait Trout Bait; fishing buddy managed three trout – two on PowerBait and one on a Gold Super Duper.

Able to get some underwater video of the action, but still need to tinker with the rig to get a more consistent point of view of the action.

Waterloo has lots of green stuff on the bottom, and when the trout tend to the bottom, it’s tough getting the camera to set right while resting on the bottom as well as avoid clobbering the camera’s view.

No worries, did get enough to learn… trout wanted PowerBait Trout Bait over Power Worms, Nuggets, and Eggs. And, at least this round, they did not go for corn.

Do check out the video. And, do check back, have another video where we fished Denison Dam on the Oklahoma side using shad for bait coupled with the @GoFishCam… lots of small stripers in the footage!

PS: Penn Pursuit III Reel on the Berkley Lightning and the Zebco Slingshot Spinning Rod/Reel Combo worked out well fishing for stocked trout!

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