Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | Which Technique Works Best?

By / December 30, 2020 / Fishing

Had some fun this past weekend fishing for Texas Rainbow Trout at Pottsboro Lake in Pottsboro, TX. Brought the @GoFish Cam to get some underwater video; able to capture some of the action. But, was sidetracked on a quest… Which technique works best for trout?

We tried the “Cranky, No Yanky” technique that calls for keeping a tight line and reeling faster when the trout strikes. This one worked the best; no need to use the rod to set the hook, just reel faster.

And, we tried the “Rip Thy Lips” technique… this was not the preferred method for limiting out. This technique calls for setting the hook immediately and with a strong pull of the rod at any indication of a strike.

Was a fun time; windy conditions… but we limited out. Do check out the video; added underwater footage of the trout moving about at the end of the video.

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