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By / December 20, 2015 / Fishing

Fished the morning from 8AM to 10AM at the Bethany. Lost two on a Gold Super Duper, caught one on a Silver Super Duper, and two on a Gold Super Duper.

No luck fly fishing and the bite seemed to slow around 9:00AM or so. Will post a video later. For now, here is a picture of one caught on a Gold Super Duper!

Will work on another remote iFishRadio Broadcast, too!

UPDATE 9PM Central: Today’s video is posted!


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Sometimes trout can be almost queuing up to grab a fly or lure. Other times they can be fussy and need a lot of tempting. You still did well catching what you did.
I've located a few Super Dupers in my huge lure box and will give them a go next time I go out.
Merry Christmas from OZ.


Thanks Steve! Ended up fishing this morning but was a tough go. One little Bass and no Trout. Decided to try another pond – much smaller. Two of us fished and limited out. Will be posting more on today's fishing later.


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