Thursday’s Kayak Fishing Action at Brockdale Park

By / June 12, 2016 / Fishing

Video of the action Thursday (June 9, 2016) at Brockdale Park is posted below. Bite was on with the White Bass going for the Sabiki and Slab Rig. Caught over 30+ but only five were Keepers. Did have a sixth Keeper but lost it while putting it on the stringer.

Decided to make a better stringer for future use – see Kayak Fishing Stringer Prototype posted in an earlier video. Was hoping to test it this weekend while kayak fishing but injured wrist. Luckily, NucLaroche was down from Oklahoma, and we were able to take the jon boat out and do some jug lining for Catfish Saturday.

The Stringer worked well, just gotta keep a steady hold on it as the Weed Eater Trimmer Line is slippery! Will get a video of Saturday’s action posted later.


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That technique seems to work pretty well on the kayak. I just might have to acquire a kayak of some sort.


Hi Steve,
Kayak fishing works well at out local lake; even better, you can get a workout in no matter if they bite or not!


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