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By / August 17, 2017 / Fishing

Work is work but still cannot help but think about fishing. This time, been wanting a Whip Finish Tool that was ust a tad bit larger than the one we bought from Cabelas. After a little brainstorming, made a prototype using spring wire we had on hand… the little marker flags used for marking buried lines and cables before a contractor digs up the ground. Prototype worked but the diameter needed to be smaller.

After a quick walkthrough of Hobby Lobby, settled on the following parts below:
.047″ Music Wire
3/32″ Brass Tube
4mm Round Copper Beads
Super Glue

Then, using pliers, diagonal cutters, and a vise grip bent the wire using the Whip Finish Tool from Cabelas as a template. Modification we made was lengthening the gap of the tool. This allows for easier whip finishing latger flies that end “mid-body” like the Foam Grasshopper we tie.

Once the wire is shaped and cut, we cut the brass tubing to make a rotating handle and placed copper beads as spacers at both ends of the handle. To complete things, we bent the end of the wire to secure the copper bead and added Super Glue as good measure.

Simple to make… do give it a go and make your own DIY Whip Finish Tool! Till next time, Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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