To The Blue….

By / February 7, 2016 / Blue River

Fished the Blue River Saturday and limited out with six! First four were straightforward catches using a White Near Deere under a strike indicator. Even did some catch and releasing fishing catching several more with the Near Deere.

Then, the bite turned off and spend the remainder of the day struggling to catch two more Trout. After some time, was able to get a Trout to take a John Deere fishing fly. Trout were feeding on some thing hatching. Had lots of Trout turn and look away at different dry flies, emergers, midges… finally, got one to take a Midge Emerger!

Did see several trout go for a black insect floating by that looked exactly like a Size 16 Black Gnat Midge. Guess what fishing fly was not in the fly box!

Bottom-line: Had a great time on the Blue!

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