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Headed across the border to Oklahoma for a go at Trout on the Blue River. Was a tough round on the Blue but did manage to get one Rainbow Trout!

Started working the area by Hughes Crossing using a five weight fly rod and various fishing flies without success. Also, tried Super Dupers and Power Bait without success either.

Water was brown and murky making for some tough fishing. After a while, shifted to Micro Fishing using the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod. Tried small fishing flies but could not hook the little Minnows.

Switched to a Prince Nymph and a GRHEN and had several little Bass and Bluegill strike but did no connect.

Then, decided to work an Olive Near Deere in the white water areas at Hughes Crossing. Had a couple of taps but no solid hook ups after many casts, and then finally connected with a Rainbow Trout!

Tough round on the Blue but still lots of fun!

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