Towne Lake This Time!

By / February 22, 2016 / Rainbow Trout, Towne Lake

Fished Murphy City Complex Pond after their trout derby yesterday. McKinney hosted their trout derby yesterday as well at Towne Lake.

For Sunday, opted to fish Towne Lake in the morning. Bite was good with a limit being taken in short order, and then switched to catch and release fishing while trying different fishing flies.

What worked:

  • Olive Near Deere (most strikes)
  • Pink and White Near Deere
  • Mardi Gras Near Deere
  • Patriot and Prince Nymph Tandem Rig (50/50 between the two)

What did not work:

  • Griffith’s Gnat (strikes but missed hook sets attributed to “user error”)
  • Orange and White Near Deere

Fun time, below is a picture of the Near Deere used today  and a video that gives an idea how the action went!

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