TPWD Answers Our Question about Shad!

By / June 30, 2020 / Fishing

We like using Shad for bait but at times cannot purchase them because the local bait store is out of stock. This is why we like to catch our own plus it saves us money – cost of the cast net and time and effort to catch them, etc…

However, due to restrictions related to aquatic invasive species and the transfer from one body of water to another, we have followed Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) regulations that limit using Shad for bait to the same body of water where they were caught.

Our understanding was the same body of water limitation was for live, fresh, and frozen shad. For clarification, we contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife Department via their online “Submit a Question” form.

The question we asked and the answer provided are shown in the picture below!

Looks like we can catch Shad from one lake, remove any of the water with the fish, using a net to move the fish from one container to another so no water is transferred from lake to lake!

PS: We did not ask about transferring live Shad as we prefer to limit using live Shad to the body of water we caught them from to avoid the risk of transferring aquatic invasive species.

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