Trout Derby Tomorrow in Denison!

By / January 7, 2017 / Waterloo Park Pond

Looks like there is a Trout Derby tomorrow in Denison at Waterloo. Trout were stocked yesterday, and the derby is tomorrow. If you can brave the cold temps, they might be biting today!

[Correction: Trout Derby was held Saturday, January 7. Trout are still there and biting. Fished Saturday afternoon and managed to limit of fly fishing! Video to be posted. Do stay tuned!]

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Probably hit it up Monday or Tuesday. Will need to see your report though to see if you killed them.


Bite was slow but steady once I had the right fishing fly. Gotta a tip from one of our Readers – another avid fisherman and good friend, that Black Wooley Buggers were working. Put a Black Near Deere on soon after and started hooking up! Should have a video posted in the next hour or so.


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