Trout Fishing Frisco Commons with TFO 6wt, Micro Fly Rod, and Griffith’s Gnats!

By / February 17, 2019 / Fishing

Cold temps Saturday morning – February 16, 2019! Decided to go a round at Frisco Commons for some recently stocked Rainbow Trout. Trout derby was held last weekend; was not able to make it.

Temps were in the low 30s, had to bundle up well… layered clothing did the trick but still forgot the gloves like last weekend when we fished Rowlett.

This round, started fishing a Near Deere but switched to a Griffith’s Gnat when we noticed all the feeding activity was happening on the surface. Like in past Seasons, Frisco seems to have a “hatch” of some really tiny bugs. Trout love them to the point they rarely will strike anything else.

Luckily, having learned our lesson we keep several sizes of Griffith’s Gnats in the fly box. Most times a size 16 will work but going up one or down one size is always a good idea in case the trout get picky.

Fished from 8:30 to 4:30, caught and released five trout. Lost several others while bringing them in, and had a lot more missed hook sets. Still lots of fun, and was able to limit out for the first time this year… woohoo!

PS: Near Deere Give Away is still in-progress… do give it a go and guess a number from 1 to 100 and post in the comments on our YouTube Channel – COAF Field Team!

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