Trout Fishing Murphy, then One Rod, No Reel! #flyfishing #flycasting

By / February 26, 2018 / Murphy City Hall Pond

Great time yesterday fishing city of Murphy’s pond – City Complex Park Pond. Limited out after figuring out the pattern… tandem rigged near deere and griffiths’ gnat!

Afterwards, able to try the rod, no reel concept and caught several trout. Broke out the action in a second video… check it out at “One Rod, No Reel”.


Follow-on video to our trip to Murphy’s City Complex Park Pond where we test the concept of a quality line and a fly rod for trout fishing, and forego the reel.

Used about 8 yards of line, the tandem rig that the trout were going for, and a $19 fly rod… also, fly line is quality line from Scientific Angler. Just picked up a deal when it was on clearance… only $1!

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